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In my 57 years of life, Dr. Simon is the best dentist I’ve ever seen. We are a military family and have moved several (more than I care to count) times. With each move comes the same challenges relating to finding new doctors, dentists, etc. A good dentist is particularly hard to find, as they are few and far between (in my opinion). Dr. Simon and his staff are the epitome of patient care. First, I have never had a more thorough cleaning by a dental hygienist. Second, NEVER have I had a dentist come in after the cleaning and spend a sufficient amount of time to examine and discuss my dental health. Dr. Simon truly has a passion for his profession. I believe he sincerely cares about how I take care of my teeth and gently advises me on how I can do things differently to avoid dental problems in the future. Rarely do I take the time to respond to surveys, but Dr. Simon deserves my commendation and I highly recommend him.

Colleen Moore

Service is great, staff is knowledgeable and courteous. Highly recommended.

Roy Johnson Sr.

I recently went to visit Dr.Simon and was informed that I needed quite a bit of dental work, this came as a shock to me and I was of course very nervous. Dr.Simon and his staff were very kind and accommodating through the entire process. The work that he did was excellent, he takes pride in what he does and works hard to make his patients comfortable and happy. He got 9 fillings done in only 2 visits, he even called to check on me after visit #2. I would fully recommend Dr.Simon and his team to anyone looking for a fantastic dentist office.

Dr. Simon is very sincere and thorough. He takes the time necessary to explain the procedures, expected outcomes and future care. His compassionate approach with a healing hand to all orthotic procedures make him a well-trusted dental professional and an exemplary human-being.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Simon for many years and he’s the best!  I’m faithful about having a check-up every six months because Dr. Simon is always on time and very considerate.  I like the Brandermill location and his staff is professional, friendly and courteous.

Susan Cook